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Ups and Downs

Up: Drawing

My experiment with Flickr has proven to be a phenomenal success. Not only am I generating interest in my work, but I'm interested in my own work. I'm not drawing daily yet, but I'm drawing every other day, which is a monumental change from days past. This is a good thing and I'm happy about it.

Up: Understanding

I may have figured out why I've been struggling with drawing. It wasn't that I was simply out of practice as I've been assuming for 14 years. It may have a lot to do with my disability. I'll share more later when I understand more.

Up: Writing

Finished my recent goal with days to spare. Notes are sorted, reread, and ideas are popping out of my ears. I'm ready for the next goal: Finish the Backstory before the end of April. If I want to finish this book before I turn 40 I need to push to the breaking point.

Down: Sleeping

I'm a raving insomniac again. It's 6:08:52 AM and I'm writing a blog entry that nobody, even my Mother-in-Law, reads.

Down: My Mother-in-Law

Last night Sandy had a severe heart attack. She was life flighted to Brigham & Women's in Boston. My wife is falling apart. She hasn't seen her mother in several years now because we live in Utah. Sandy has stabilized and we hope to know more later today. I can't describe the aching pain I am feeling now. With the growth of my blog, The Splintered Mind, we have grown closer together. She's been like an editor, cheerleader, and friend all in one. I hope she pulls through. We aren't ready to walk on our own without her yet.
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